Meet the Teams at Hack Jersey

There are many groups participating in the Hackathon at Montclair State University. I got a chance to speak with most of the teams to find out who they are and what they are planning on accomplishing during the next 24 hours….

The Brainstormers

Brian Donohue @bthdonohue (coder)

Noah Cohen @teaneckpatch (journalist)

James Kleimann @ridgewoodpatch (journalist)

“ideas too big, too revolutionary”

The Brainstormers told me that they are currently working on an app which would allow the public to become a part of the news world. These men appear to be hiding something big up their sleeves.



Level 5

Katie Bisaha (Journalist) and Zill Christian (Developer) are working together with Fred Kaimann (Developer/Journalist).

The team is quiet and Fred did not wish to be photographed.

When ask how things were going so far they replied with “no comment”


Team Name

As you can tell from their group name, these gentlemen are bursting with creativity!

Sean Sullivan (Journalist), Karl de Vries (Journalist), Eric Sagara (Journalist), and Patrick Murray (Web Developer) are the master minds behind what they are calling a “super local political” app.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with!


Recover NJ

A fiery group, with a drive to Restore the Shore!

Deborah Howlett (Journalist), Stephen Stirling (Journalist), Elaine Clisham (Journalist), and Josh Englberg (Coder)



Ladies Night

This dynamic duo is the only group of two in the competition, however if you ask them they’re not worried in the least!

Jenn Schiffer (Coder) and Jeanne Pinder (Journalist) have teamed up to create an app to aid in “radiology costs in New Jersey.” Their goal is to help you find the “cheapest MRI’s, etc.” in your area by simply entering your zip code.

They are two very fun ladies and seem focused on their goal!


Los Diablos

So far Los Diablos’ working title for their project is “The Green City Report Card”

The players are Steve Chernoski (Jack of all trades), Laurie Peterson (Journalist), Joli Furnari (Journalist), Fabio Jaramillo (Coder), and Alejandro Oviedo (Coder)

According to Steve they’re “making trash great!”


Team Pancakes

Justin Guillou (Coder), Felix Alarcon (Journalist), Jessica Miller (Developer), Spencer Kordecki (Developer), and Alex Schechter (Developer)

This group of young people clearly have a good sense of humor! I am excited to see what kind of entertaining app they develop! They definitely have the brain power!


Hot Shots

Dan Stathaus (Coder), Margaret Kim (Programmer), Marco Chang (Coder), Katherine Santiago (Journalist) and Yonne Leow (Journalist) are working on an app to aid in gun control knowledge.

They will be creating an app which will allow users to choose a state and read all the facts on gun control in that particular area. Once the user has read through the laws and regulations they will be asked to vote either “for” or “against” gun control. Once they vote, a tweet will be sent to the state’s local politicians, letting them know where “the people” stand.


Everyone seems to be well on their way! Let’s get Hacking New Jersey!!


Written by Samantha Roth, Montclair State University

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