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First, a big THANK YOU to all of our on-air callers and listeners! This was our first attempt at a live broadcast and, aside from a few feedback issues, it worked!

Kenny Katzgrau in the Radio Studio - 09DEC2014

Kenny Katzgrau joins us in the MSU radio studio for our first live broadcast.

This week we sat down with Kenny Katzgrau from Broadstreet Ads to talk about some of the latest news in online advertising.

In his most recent blog post, Kenny discussed some of the shortcomings of standard banner ads, especially when it comes to smaller, indie publishers who find themselves in competition with larger publishers.

Kenny worked on Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange prior to co-founding Broadstreet with John Crepezzi in March 2012. The Broadstreet team consisted of John Ward of Red Bank Green, Kenny Katzgrau who had recently left Yahoo, and John Crepezzi, formerly of Patch. They set out to build a powerful set of tools for the independent and modern digital news publisher − tools that could be used to network and build a more expansive business than previously possible.

Joe Amditis at the Boards in the Radio Studio - 09DEC2014

Joe Amditis at the boards.

For those of you who missed the live broadcast or didn’t get to ask your question, please continue the discussion in the comments section!




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