Save the Date: Internship Fair April 19

Montclair State’s Center for Cooperative Media will hold a fair to introduce news organizations to prospective student interns on Friday, April 19, from 1 to 3 p.m. The fair will be held in Schmitt Hall Room 311. News organizations can recruit students for summer or fall internships.

Publishers interested in participating must RSVP to internship coordinator Elaine Russo. If your organization has not yet submitted an internship proposal, please submit one to Elaine Russo as well. Guidelines for internship proposals, as well as a map to Schmitt Hall, follow.

What applications need:
— description of organization
— description of internship
— description of skills needed (Do they need to provide writing samples or anything else?)
— what can the intern expect to learn?
— will you offer a travel stipend for any local travel the student has to incur?
— what hours would you expect the students to work? Is it set or flexible? Evenings? Be as descriptive as possible.
— do you plan to offer any pay? (The answer can be yes or no.)
— We need your complete contact info:

Phone, name, title, address, email. If your business is home-based, and you are a partner of the NJ News Commons, please put down 311 Schmitt Hall as the address. That will serve as your internship office.

Directions to Schmitt


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