The News in Jersey: The Changing Media Landscape in Newark

Mary Alice Williams replaced Mike Schneider as NJTV’s lead anchor on July 1, 2014. NJTV News, the network’s weeknight news program, received an Emmy nomination in the category of “Best Evening Newscast for Larger Markets” in the Mid-Atlantic chapter for their January 9, 2014 coverage of the GWB lane closures and the subsequent press conferences. The Mid-Atlantic chapter includes parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Ohio. Click here for more information on Mary Alice Williams’ career and professional achievements.

Andaiye Taylor is the founder and editor-in-chief of Brick City Live, a hyper-local news site covering Newark and the surrounding area. For more information about Andaiye Taylor and Brick City Live, click here.

Mark DiIonno is a veteran news columnist at the Star Ledger. He has won the New Jersey Press Association’s award for best column several times, and has published three books on New Jersey’s culture and history. Click here to read Mark DiIonno’s latest columns.

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One response to “The News in Jersey: The Changing Media Landscape in Newark”

  1. I listened to the podcast but despite all that was said I am having trouble seeing the Star-Ledger’s move to Woodbridge as anythng other than the next step in the decimation of the paper by its owners. For the Ledger to be reduced to 14 people in the Gateway Center seems to me to be going a little further down the road to oblivion.