GWB-Gate? Marriage Equality? Cicadas?

Are any of these three the top New Jersey news story of 2013? Or does Chris Christie take the cake as the King of All Media in NJ?

All year long, NJ News Commons has been curating and critiquing the news and its coverage in the Garden State. Now, we’re created a poll of what we think are 2013′s top stories. Please vote or tell us your thoughts below in the comments.

Vote for the top NJ news story of 2013!
Marriage Equality arrives in NJ
Christie Wins Reelection in Landslide
Superstorm Sandy continuing recovery efforts
Death of James Gandolfini
Booker Bests Lonegan
Gay Waitress Tip-Stiffing (or Not) Story
Fort Lee Ramp Closures to GW Bridge
Superbowl Preparation
In-state Tuition for Illegal Immigrants
Merck Reducing Staff, Pharma Waning in NJ
Christie Lap Band Surgery
17-Year Cicada Invasion
Camden Schools Takeover (or Other Education Story)
Online Gaming Debuts
Minimum Wage Referendum
Christie’s 2016 Presidential Prospects

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