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Yikes! These creepy Easter bunny photos will give you nightmares (NJ.com) Last week, we asked NJ.com users to post their creepy and cute photos of the Easter bunny. And while we saw some cute pictures (all of the kids were super cute ), the majority were on the scary side. Let's face it: Oversized bunnies with big buck teeth are total nightmare fuel.
N.J. cheerleader soars to great heights, defying genetic disorder (VIDEO) (NJ.com) Lyric Generals smiles triumphantly as she stands tall on one leg, an oversized metallic bow in her hair. On the floor several feet below, her teammates hurriedly clutch her foot and ankle as she stretches her other leg up over her head.
N.Y. Penn Station passengers can ride up again at main entrance, report says (NJ.com) NEW YORK -- Workers have figured out a way to make the down escalator at the main entrance to New York Penn Station go up, according to the Wall Street Journal. Passengers had been forced to use the stairs or find an escalator in another part of the massive transit hub since the up escalator was taken out of service in January to undergo repairs.
Ask @Commuting Larry: What are those metal plates on the road? (NJ.com) Why is there a metal speed bump in the middle of the Pulaski Skyway, solving the case of the crumbling Cranford station staircase and how do you correctly spell the name of one of the states most notorious traffic circles?
Authorities identify Trenton man killed by Amtrak train near Hamilton station (NJ.com) HAMILTON -- Authorities have identified the man who was hit and killed by an Amtrak train near the Hamilton station on Sunday as a 54-year-old Trenton man. The Mercer County Coroner's Office has determined that David F.